What If Mailscoop Can't Find An Email

Learn what to do if Mailscoop can't find an email address.
Written by Austin Belcak
Updated 2 years ago

As I've mentioned, no email lookup tool out there is going to be 100% accurate 100% of the time. All of them, including Mailscoop, are making educated guesses based on the information they have.

There are a whole bunch of reasons why Mailscoop might not return an email address, even if that email seems obvious to you (for example, looking up yourself).

  1. Your company's email server may not allow for verification and/or they may have systems in place to confuse verification systems.
  2. There may be several people with the same (or similar) names and Mailscoop is having trouble differentiating.
  3. There may be a funky email convention that the company uses for some of their employees emails. For example, my email at Microsoft is a weird combination of my first and last name in a single word. Email finders have a hard time with those.

We'd rather tell you we can't find a match than give you one we're not 100% sure about.

What You Can Do Instead

If Mailscoop can't find the email of the person you're looking for, you have a couple of options:

Try Different Formats With Mailtester - Since we know that Mailtester will validate the right emails, you can try plugging in different combos to see if something fits.

For example:

  • [first name]@website.com
  • [first name].[last name]@website.com
  • [first initial][last name]@website.com
  • [first name][last initial]@website.com
  • [first name]_[last name]@website.com

Reach Out Via Another Medium - Another option is to reach out via another platform. I recommend any channel where they're professional active. LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, and Medium are all great examples.

For more networking tips, check out this article.

Happy email hunting!

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