Editing Resume Headers

Learn if you can edit the headers on a resume template.
Written by Austin Belcak
Updated 1 month ago

At this time, the option to edit the header on a resume template is not available.

This is a feature that we are looking forward to providing in a future update.

What Can You Edit In The Resume Builder?

Here is a list of ResyBuild's customizable features: 

Colors - Choose from over 24 colors to match your professional brand.
Fonts - Choose from 11 fonts that were handpicked and ATS-friendly. We also let you decide what size you want to use.
Margins - Need to squeeze things on a single page? You can edit your margins and line spacing.
Fields - Need to add another link by your contact info? No problem - add or delete fields anytime.
Sections - We covered the basics, but feel free to add in a custom section if you need it.
Formatting - Spice things up with bold, italics, and underlines - you can even drop in links.
Templates - Not happy with the template you chose? Feel free to switch templates anytime.
Saving Your Progress - Save your resume so you can edit it later. There are no limits, so you can stock up on as many versions as you need.
How You Download - You can download your resume as a PDF, as a TXT file you can use with Microsoft Word, or you can Export it to Google Drive.

Get Started

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