What Is ResyBuild.io?

Learn more about Cultivated Culture's Resume Builder, ResyBuild.io!
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ResyBuild.io is a free and easy to use Resume Builder tool that’s exclusive to Cultivated Culture.

Our Resume Builder is designed with you in mind, and our customizable templates are proven to be highly effective in today's job market. 

What Does ResyBuild.io Offer?

  • 7 different ATS-friendly templates to help you create the perfect resume
  • Professional designs that were created using feedback from recruiters
  • Complete control over customization (fonts, colors, spacing, and more)
  • Expert tips and advice on how to write a job-winning resume
  • Ability to download to PDF, Google Drive, or TXT for Word

Customizable Features

Our resume builder gives you complete control over:

Colors - Choose from over 24 colors to match your professional brand.
Fonts - Choose from 11 fonts that were handpicked and ATS-friendly. We also let you decide what size you want to use.
Margins - Need to squeeze things on a single page? You can edit your margins and line spacing.
Fields - Need to add another link by your contact info? No problem - add or delete fields anytime.
Sections - We covered the basics, but feel free to add in a custom section if you need it.
Formatting - Spice things up with bold, italics, and underlines - you can even drop in links.
Templates - Not happy with the template you chose? Feel free to switch templates anytime.
Saving Your Progress - Save your resume so you can edit it later. There are no limits so you can stock up on as many versions as you need.
How You Download - You can download your resume as a PDF, as a TXT file that you can use with Microsoft Word, or you can Export it to Google Drive.

Preview While Editing

We’ve made it easy to edit, customize, and build nearly every aspect of your resume. You can even preview your resume as you’re building it so you know it will look awesome!

Here’s a sneak peek: 

Types Of Resumes

Our resume builder includes 7 resume templates that have been battle-tested with thousands of people just like you. These templates have been proven to land more job offers across industries, backgrounds, and levels of experience.

They’ve also been designed to be highly effective in today’s market. We've considered and included:

  • Modern resume templates
  • Professional templates
  • Simple resume templates
  • Creative resume templates

You can learn more about the different templates we offer in full detail here.

Why Our Templates Are The Best

Our Resume Templates Were Designed With The Help of Real Recruiters

When designing these resume templates, I consulted real recruiters with a single goal: to incorporate best practices that would allow you to boost your chances of landing a job offer.

Together, these recruiters have over a century of experience, and they come from the world’s best companies. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Barclays, Deloitte, etc.

Our Resume Templates Have Been Tested & Proven To Get Results For Thousands Of Job Seekers (Like You!)

I started Cultivated Culture back in 2015. Since then, I’ve had 125,000+ people come through the doors of our community - all hoping to land a dream job.

That gave me the opportunity to test out these strategies at scale. To see what works, what doesn’t, and to identify strategies that no one else is using.

The learnings and strategies that stemmed from these experiments have helped thousands of people take their resumes from blah to brilliant and win job offers at the world’s best companies.

Now I’ve baked the very best, most effective practices into the resume templates on this page. If you scroll up to the top of the page, you can see the logos of the company’s where I’ve helped people get jobs.

I Have Been Where You Want To Go

The best piece of advice I ever received was this:

"Only take advice from people who already have what you want."

If you want a resume that wins you a job at a place like Microsoft or Google, you should make sure the person you’re taking advice from has gone through that process and received the offer.

Before I started Cultivated Culture, I was deep into my own job search. I started out as a graduate with a 2.5 GPA, a biology degree, and a job in healthcare. Two years later, I ended up with job offers from Microsoft, Google, and Twitter.

The reason these resume templates and the advice are so effective, is because it’s coming from someone who has achieved what you’re trying to do.

Our Resume Builder Teaches You As You Go

In order to make sure you’re headed in the right direction, I’ve made sure that our resume builder includes tips, tactics, and advice that’s easy to access right when you need it.

Ready To Create Your Own Resume?

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