Understanding Your ResyBullet Score

Learn how to read the results of your ResyBullet score.
Written by Austin Belcak
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When you paste one of your resume bullets into Resybullet.io, our tool will scan it for certain criteria.

Your resume bullet analysis score is broken down into four categories.

  1. Hard & Soft Skills
  2. Action Words
  3. Measurable Results
  4. Common Words

Bullet Anatomy: Actual Score vs Target Range

Each category has a target range. Your score is based on how close the percentage of the actual results reaches the target.

If it's in red, it needs improvement. If it's in green, it's good! ResyBullet will allow a 5% difference of the target range.

Resume Bullet Length

You should aim to keep your resume bullet between 12–20 words and 85–120 characters long. If you go over the recommended limit, ResyBullet will indicate your bullet length score in either green (good) or red (bad). 

Resume Bullet "Skim Test"

According to several sources, today's recruiter spends an average of 6–8 seconds skimming over a resume.

So what is a resume bullet skim test? 

It's the idea that when a recruiter or hiring manager 'skims' your bullet, they may only catch the first and last 4 words.

That's why it's important to make sure you start your resume bullets with action words and end them with measurable metrics.

How To Increase Your ResyBullet Score

The best way to improve your resume bullets would be to follow our simple formula for creating one and make sure that they include the following:

  1. Hard & Soft Skills
  2. Action Words
  3. Measurable Results
  4. Common Words

Helpful Resources

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