Pasting A Job Description

Learn how to paste a job description in ResyMatch.
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The right side of ResyMatch is where you will paste the target job description.

What Is The Target Job Description?

This is the description of the role that you find on a job board when searching for a job online. It will typically list the qualifications, requirements, and responsibilities of the job. There may also be some key information about the company or the role in the job description as well.

How To Paste The Job Description

1. Copy the entire job description from top to bottom

3 ways to copy:

  • Manually highlight all the text, right-click on the mouse, and select Copy
  • Ctrl + A to highlight all text and Ctrl + C to copy it on Windows
  • Command-A to highlight all text and Command-C to copy on Mac

2. Paste the copied description into the Paste Your Job Description Here field

3 ways to paste:

  • Inside the field, right click mouse and select Paste
  • Crtl + V to paste from Windows
  • Command-V to paste from Mac

The job description will automatically populate into the field.

Choosing A Job Title For Your Scan

The Job Title should be the same name as the job title that's listed in the job description.

Choosing An Industry For Your Scan

The Industry refers to the category this job is placed under. You can learn more about different industries here

Want To Learn More About Keywords?

To learn more about how to find keywords in a job description, click here.

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