Removing Keywords From Your Resume Scan

Learn how to remove a keyword from your resume scan in
Written by Austin Belcak
Updated 2 years ago

When you scan your resume against a job description, sometimes a keyword may appear that either doesn't mean much to the role you're applying for, or is a term that isn't commonly used in your industry.

That keyword may be negatively affecting your ResyMatch score.

In these cases, it's completely fine to remove them from the Hard or Soft Skills sections.

How To Remove A Hard Or Soft Skill From A Scan

1. Hover over the keyword that you no longer want in your scan results

2. Select Remove Keyword

Once removed, the keyword will no longer appear in your ResyMatch scan results. Your scan will automatically refresh itself with an updated score.

Scan Results

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If there's a keyword missing from your results, click here.

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