Understanding Your ATS Best Practice Score

Learn about the ATS Best Practice results from your ResyMatch scan.
Written by Austin Belcak
Updated 3 months ago

When you scan your resume against a job description in ResyMatch.io, our tool separates the scan into four different categories. Separating into the four categories helps break down the match results. One of those categories cover ATS best practices, or how well your resume will stack up against an ATS scanner. 

An ATS (or Applicant Tracking System) is a tool that many companies use to scan your resume before it ever reaches a human. You can learn more about them here.

What Do The ATS Best Practice Results Means?

The ATS Best Practice section is broken down into 9 subcategories:

  1. Resume File Type
  2. Email Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. LinkedIn Profile
  5. Job Title Match
  6. Education Match
  7. Section Headings
  8. Date Formatting
  9. Unknown Characters

If you fail to meet the criteria for one or more of these categories, you will see a red X with a description of what's not correct. 

How Do You Increase Your ATS Best Practice Score?

1. The first thing you'll want to do is go through your results and find any with a red X.

2. Then, you should head back over to your resume and fix the problem. (Don't forget to save it!)

For example: If the scan results say you do not have a link to your LinkedIn profile, go back into your resume and add the link!

3. Once you've made (and saved) the changes, rescan your new resume against the same job description and your score will improve!

What To Do If ResyMatch Can't Find Something On Your Resume

Let's say you already have a LinkedIn profile link saved to the resume you uploaded on ResyMatch, but the scan results indicate that it's not there. 

Start troubleshooting by:

  • Making sure the entire LinkedIn URL is copied and linked correctly on your resume
  • Saving the new resume
  • Uploading the new resume into a new scan

To learn more about how to add links to your resume, click here.

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